How to Prepare

Living Now with the Training in View

As a young person, now is the time to consecrate your life to the Lord and to give the Training your priority over other objectives.

“Give yourself to love the Lord. No other way is so prevailing, and no other way is so safe, so rich, and so full of enjoyment. Just love Him.” Witness Lee, Life and Building as Portrayed in the Song of Songs, ch. 2

Focus on your education and obtain a college degree from a four-year university. Seize the precious opportunity to develop your mind, character, and study skills while in high school and college. Additionally, the study of a foreign language and computer skills will enhance your future usefulness.

Sanctify your lifestyle from worldliness, maintain good health, and thoroughly immerse yourself in the church life and college work wherever you are. This will help you enter into the Training in a full way.

Bible and Ministry Reading

There are several books which are suggested reading before arriving at FTTA. It is highly encouraged that you read through the entire Bible at least once before enrolling. In addition, the following titles are recommended as preparatory reading:

A List of Helpful Links

A Heart to be Trained

"For it is God who operates in you both the willing and the working for His good pleasure" Philippians 2:13

The most important prerequisite of the Full-time Training is to have a heart to be trained. If you possess a personal desire to be a living, overcoming, functioning member of the Body of Christ, and are willing to allow the Lord to touch and perfect you through the Training, you will benefit greatly.