Other Health Insurance Options

Other Health Insurance

All trainees must be covered by a health insurance plan while in the Training. If you choose not to sign up for the FTTA Cigna PPO student health insurance, your insurance must meet the following requirements:

  1. It must provide care while in Southern California.
  2. It must provide coverage for regular office visits, hospitalizations, lab work and prescriptions, NOT just emergency care.
  3. If the plan has a deductible (an amount that must be paid before coverage begins) or high copays (the amount paid out of pocket for office visits, prescriptions, etc.), you must know where the funds will come from should you need medical care. If parents or sending localities will be responsible for the medical costs, this should be discussed directly with them well before the Training begins.

Waiver Process

If you HAVE health insurance and do not want to take part in the Cigna PPO student health insurance plan, you must complete the online waiver process available at https://ftta.myahpcare.com/waiver .