How to Prepare for FTTA-XB

For Entering Trainees

Suggested Items to Bring:

Note: Trainees are expected to conform to campus and Lord's Day dress requirements as established in FTTA. Remember that FTTA-XB is an extension of the Training in Anaheim. Therefore, bring clothing that is appropriate for campus work and participation in church meetings, including ties for the brothers and skirts for the sisters.

Truth Pursuit

Truth pursuit is a critical element of FTTA-XB. The training facility provides WiFi internet connection, with which it is possible to access ministry publications online . The lists of required readings can be found here. For a complete list of supplementary readings, please contact [email protected].

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is required as it is in Anaheim. Trainees may use any insurance that is available to them, such as that used by their family. However, the State of Massachusetts offers programs at minimal or no cost to consumers based on income. More information is available through Application forms and instructions are available online. Please contact the FTTA-XB Office before applying at [email protected]. Additional information can be provided prior to the start of the term.


FTTA-XB provides passes for use on the public transportation system that will allow trainees to commute to/from the training facilities to the local college campuses. A vehicle can be helpful in Boston and the training facility provides free parking for trainees who bring their vehicles.