Sisters' Clothing Guidelines

Clothing Guidelines for Sisters

“We also have the burden to help the trainees to grow absolutely in the divine life. Finally, they have to be built up in their character. They need to be trained to dress properly and to give people a good impression of their appearance. If we do not have a good appearance, who will listen to us or respect us? We must adjust ourselves. If a co-worker teaches the truth without a necktie, the people’s confidence in him will be killed. The way we dress, cut our hair, and comb our hair will give us a proper appearance which can help gain people’s regard and respect. In the past we were too loose and self-contented. Those who work for the Lord should dress in a way that is fitting in the Lord’s work.” Witness Lee, Elders’ Training Book 9 – The Eldership and the God-Ordained Way (1), p. 15, ch. 11

Please note the following are only general guidelines. Further details will be provided to you after acceptance into the Training.



Lord's Day


Please DO NOT bring

Should you have any questions before coming to the Training, please contact the FTTA office and ask to speak with one of the sister Training Assistants. This may help avoid unnecessary purchases. We hope you will do your part by prayerfully considering your attire.

Items listed with an asterisk (*) are optional