Incoming Trainees

Incoming and Returning Trainees

This section is for incoming and returning trainees. You will find many useful resources to help you prepare for the upcoming term. We ask the new trainees to review all the pages in this section.

The book lists will help you to know which books you should bring with you. Some books, God's New Testament Economy, for instance, are used for multiple classes.

Even if you are a returning trainee, we ask that you review the health care information section as it may have changed since last term.

Training Class

“To put you in the training is to put you in an environment for your growth. The training is the best environment for you to grow. I encourage all of you to remain here for a full term of four months. Do not quit. Do not ask for a leave. Stay to the end. To the end means to the termination. You have to be here to be terminated… This is fully revealed in the Bible. Life grows by regulation.” Witness Lee, An Opening Word to the Full-Time Trainees Concerning Regulations and Opinions, ch. 1