Letters for Prospective Trainees

“It is really a great blessing to all the full-time trainees who have just finished their college education and are about to start a new stage in their life to set apart some time to be trained to know the Lord and serve Him. I believe that after they have been nurtured and equipped through the training, whether they stay to serve full-time or go to find employment, there will be no problem. This is because after they have been equipped, they will no longer be common Christians or even ordinary Christians in the Lord's recovery. They will have been trained and equipped, and they will have received the Lord's burden. This will affect their whole life.” Witness Lee, The Economy of God and the Mystery of the Transmission of the Divine Trinity, pp. 136-137

As a young person in the Lord's recovery, you may already have the aspiration to be trained to be useful to the Lord. Regardless of your current age and spiritual condition, reading through these letters to graduating seniors and to young people will help to give you an impression of the purpose and value of the Training as you consider your future plans.