Cigna PPO Student Health Plan

Cigna PPO Student Health Plan

The Full-Time Training in Anaheim’s student health insurance plan utilizes the Cigna PPO network and is administered by Consolidated Health Plans (CHP). General information about the plan’s administrator can be found at .

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Rates and Coverage Periods

Cigna PPO ($20 Co-Pay)
2018-2019 Fall 8/1/18 — 1/31/19 Spring 2/1/19 — 7/31/19
Student $1276.27 $1255.57
Spouse $1276.27 $1255.57
Child(ren) $1276.27 $1255.57


If you DO NOT HAVE health insurance you will be required to enroll in the Cigna PPO student health insurance plan. Online enrollment is available at .* You may also enroll by calling USI Insurance Services at 800.853.5899.

*Please note: You may use 2431 W. La Palma, Anaheim, CA 92801 as your home address when signing up for the insurance. Your materials will then be sent to the Training Center. You must change your address once you have your housing information.

Cigna PPO Benefits

You can view a list of the current principal benefits of the Cigna PPO Student Health Insurance Plan here: Cigna PPO Schedule of Benefits .