FTTA Information Meeting

The Full-time Training in Anaheim (FTTA) is a two-year program to help seeking Christians grow in the divine life, be constituted with the truths of the Bible, develop their spiritual capacities, and cultivate proper character.

Those who enroll at FTTA are college graduates of all nationalities and backgrounds. Over the course of four semesters, they take classes, participate in gospel work, and carry out practical services. The Full-time Training is neither a theological seminary nor a divinity school but a place where young Christians come to pursue Christ and learn to live Him in a normal, daily way.

Recording of Information Session
from May 10, 2020

Session Content:

  • An encouraging up-to-date word on the burden and need for Training in these unprecedented times
  • Personal testimonies from current trainees on Truth, Life, Service, Gospel, and Character
  • Our current expectation for the Fall 2020 term