Elder/Leading Brothers' Recommendation Instructions

How To Submit an Elder/Leading Brothers' Recommendation

Important: An elder/leading brothers' recommendation will no longer be considered complete unless it is signed by at least two brothers. Please note the brothers' names and contact information at the last section to indicate that both brothers agree with the recommendation. A second recommendation letter can also be submitted by PDF, if desired.

To submit an elder/leading brothers' recommendation:

Option 1

Submit the elder/leading brothers' recommendation using your online account at https://application.ftta.org/elders.php . Trainee applications who have selected the same locality will be visible using your online account.

Option 2

Submit the elder/leading brothers' recommendation using the PDF Form . Please do not submit handwritten recommendations. The completed PDF form can be emailed to office@ftta.org or printed and faxed to 714.991.8537.